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To introduce to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia new technology
either through Joint Ventures/Associations with foreign
partners and or/individually to serve in new fields with
grounds of excellent performance maintaining high quality
standards. Further, the mission was to achieve an
exceptional in environmental awareness, meeting customer
needs, commitment to national industry and specialized
contribution to the national economy.

The profile of The Group and its different activities are
explained below.

To capitalize on the efforts of the Government of Saudi
Arabia since early 1980s to develop the infrastructure in
telecommunication networking in the Kingdom, The Group
diversified its operations to manufacture certain
telecommunication networking products like coin and card
telephone booths, cross connection cabinets, distribution
points, etc. The Group is now well poised and strongly
established in the field of telecommunication networking.

The telecommunication division of The Group executes a lot
of tenders floated by the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia for
networking products, as also exports to the adjacent middle
eastern countries. Being a full fledged domestic
manufacturer of its products, and with a team of qualified
engineers in value engineering, production, research and
development, its products are extremely competitive and
more than meet the technical specifications and compliance.

The Group has joint technical participation arrangements
with Krone AG, Germany and Quante AG, Germany, both world
leaders in telecommunication networking.

The telecommunication products division of The Group is
perceived to be a major domestic manufacturer offering
efficient and effective products at fair price without
compromising compliance with quality standards. This has
triggered AT & T, Saudi Arabia who had installed a
major expansion in

telecommunication in the Kingdom at a cost of US$ 4.3
billion to source many of its networking requirements from
The Group, and the same is being successfully executed.

Having started the initial business by the manufacture of
neon signs for advertising, The Group consolidated its
spectrum of operations by specializing in the different
domains of signage activities related to advertisement,
publicity and sales promotion. Since inception, The Group
specialized in the development of new signage systems and
innovated new standards and techniques to enhance its
signage features. Constant research and development enabled
The Group to improvise on its operations. This resulted in
The Group to attain the status of market leader with
specialized niche in the advertising and signage
industry. The target market is the customer, who cares for
quality products, and therefore, prepared to pay a fair

Various large advertising and signage projects were
executed by the Group over a period of time for the
government and private sector in the Kingdom of Saudi
Arabia, as also exports to gulf cooperation and
middle eastern
countries. These projects have earned a high degree of
professional credibility and reputation to The Group, in as
much as it is the obvious choice when it comes to a fair
balance between quality, price and delivery schedules.

The Group has its head office and manufacturing facility at
Jeddah and a branch in Riyadh. Apart from Riyadh, The
Group has a branch in Dubai, Abudhabi, Lebanon and
marketing outlets in 13 different cities in the Kingdom.
The factory in Jeddah is situated on a huge plot of land
admeasuring 83,000 M? The covered manufacturing facilities
are over 42,000 M?and house the largest and most
specialized workshops and production lines for its kind of
operations, starting from state-of-the-art CAD/CAM systems
for graphics and engraving, to highly skilled and
experienced activities of design and art, surface and paint
treatment of steel and aluminum, silk screen printing, well
equipped metal and wood fabrication and electronically
controlled high temperature ovens and furnaces. Also, the
group has advanced quality laboratories for its various
telecom products. To consolidate its operations and
capitalize on the market opportunities, the Group has
recently implemented in Phase A & Group B of
a large expansion project at a cost of SR 110 million by
investing in state of the art machinery of graphics and
image designing and display, laser surface cutting,
and various other manufacturing CNC controlled

This company is owned by Mr. Shaikh Salman & Mr. Nabil
Zeineddin, & with their enterprenur skills have made this
company grow to what it is now.

The Group is professionally managed by a team of highly
qualified, experienced and dedicated personnel, having
significant expertise in their respective sphere of
activities. The different products divisions are run as
independent autonomous profit centers. It employs 1200
employees and has earned a niche for itself in the market
for its products by their characteristic features.

High quality of materials and components used, superior
workmanship, precision and accuracy of designs, layout and
assembly, and well knit cohesive management team have
enabled the achievement of a spectacular growth rate in
the recent past.

The high caliber of the human resources on board, at
different levels, continuous on the job training and
enrichment, and effective and adequate
delegation of authority to shoulder responsibility have
contributed substantially to The Group
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