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In 1988, Al Masreya Company for Macaroni & Starches(Regina)
was established as a joint stock company, to produce high
quality pasta made from 100% Pure Durum Wheat Semolina. At
that time, market research proved an immense gap between
supply and demand of high quality macaroni; it also proved
the flourishing future of this industry with the new strict
environmental regulations. Throughout the past decade, the
management of the company was able to achieve remarkable
success in the Egyptian food industry becoming a market
leader. Regina captures almost 70% share of the local
market of pasta produced from Semolina.
**Capital and Organizational structure:

Al Masreya shareholding structure is built upon a major
shareholder, with a stake of approximately 73%. The
remaining stake is distributed between the Commercial
International Bank(CIB)with 15% stake and 8 shareholders
with 12% stake. The company has 264 employees and average
sales of L. E.60 Million(US$13Million).


The company is specialized in producing all forms of high
quality pasta(ofmore than 32 shapes) from fine durum wheat
semolina. The company produces macaroni under a trademark
(Regina)The factory facility is 14000 square meters divided
among production floor, warehouse and other necessary
facilities like quality control laboratories, management
offices, water treatment and electrical facilities. The
company has technical capacity to produce special kinds of
pasta and these are:1) Regina Plus with added iron and
lysine,2) Regina light: Pasta with very low calorie for
weight loss programs and diabetics,3) Regina Veggie: Pasta
with natural dried vegetables such as spinach, tomatoes and

The available capacity of pasta(longshort cut pasta) is 96
Tons/Day,25000 Tons/Year. This gives 5-7 thousand tons per
year capacity for exporting. Capacity utilization is about
85% of full capacity. Three production lines produce this
amount and there is space for expanding with a fourth line
for potential future growth strategies. With the fourth
production line, the factory can produce up to 120
Tons/Day. The three existing production lines are made by
Swiss and Italian companies which are considered to be the
best manufacturers of such equipment in world. Machines are
all computerized and equipped with the highest technology
standards to assure highest quality and production


There is no prosthetic for our commitment to quality. All
products are made from 100% Pure Durum Wheat Semolina which
is milled is a high tech mill under the best quality
control standards. The factory has laboratories with
specialized personnel to assure highest quality. The
production process has zero manual interference. No hand
touches the wheat until it is made into pasta.
Concerning quality, its worth mentioning that Al Masreya
Company has received the ISO 9002 and 14001 certificates in
1997 and 1998 respectively. Therefore, in accordance to
international standards, the product is packed in
polypropylene bags and packaged in high quality cardboard

**Export Strategy&Target Markets

Our company has recently employed a new aggressive export
strategy aided by the appreciation of hard currency against
the Egyptian pound. Baring this in mind, we firmly believe
that our price quality combination is extremely competitive
in international markets. Our targets are those in need for
high quality pasta with a competitive price level.
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