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Shanghai Dynameters Co.,Ltd

Dynameters Shanghai Co., Ltd is a professional manufacturer of series ultrasonic flow meters. It locates in the Eastward New Area, Songjiang Industrial Zone, a state-level development area of Shanghai.

We have been authorized both the certificates of National Measurement Instruments Production Permission for Transit-time Ultrasonic Flow Meters and Doppler Ultrasonic Flow Meters by People’s Republic of China, and our products have been awarded ATEX Certificate and ISO9001: 2008 Certificate. We also have many patents applied to our products.

We have a Standard Flow Laboratory based on our years' experiences of ultrasonic flow meters. It utilizes the German Sartorius Weighing System and can calibrate the flow in pipes ranging from DN10 to DN600 (mm). The calibration system accuracy of reading can come up to 0.10%R. Also we have first-class facilities such as transducer aging rooms, high and low temperature testing system, etc., so we can guarantee to produce first-class products for customers all over the world.

Our main products are Transit-time Ultrasonic Flow Meters (including Clamp-on Series, Insertion Series, Flanged Series, Centre-Insertion Series, Handheld Series, Portable Series, and Explosion-proof Series etc.), Doppler Ultrasonic Flow Meters (including Clamp-on Series, Insertion Series, Portable Series and Explosion-proof Series), Ultrasonic Water Meters, Ultrasonic Heat Meters, Partially-filled pipe and Open Channel Ultrasonic Flow Meters.

Our transit-time flow meters can measure liquids containing small amount of air bubbles or suspended solids which are common in most industrial environments such as Petroleum, Petro-chemical, Chemical, Power Plant, Metallurgy, Water Supply and Treatment, Scientific Researches, Measurement Tests, etc. (The application in the aspect of water flow measurement of each industry is very prominent and our experience is very rich). At present, our products have been exported to many countries and regions such as the United Kingdom, Italy, Germany, Denmark, Netherlands, Belgium, Sweden, Slovenia, Greek, Russia, Turkey, United States, Australia, India, Iran, Pakistan, Thailand, Korea, Taiwan (China), HK China, Mexico, Chile, Peru, Argentina, South Africa, etc. Based on innovative R&D capability and advanced devices, Dynameters can manufacture the best qualified ultrasonic flow meters to global customers. Dynameters also welcome OEM component cooperation.
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DFW Battery-operated ultrasonic water meter -
DFW Battery-operated ultrasonic water meter, ultrasonic water meter,DFW Ultrasonic Water Meters are new released products of Dynaflox (new logo of Dynameters Shanghai) in Aug. 2012, the excellent performance reflected in rugged mechanical design based on CFD technology, sensitivity in low flows, accuracy and reliability in full range. DFW water meters do not...
Wall mount, clamp-on series Transi-time ultrasonic flow meters -
Wall mount, clamp-on series Transi-time ultrasonic flow meters, ultrasonic flow meter,Series DMTFB wall-mount Clamp-on Transit Time Ultrasonic Flow Meters□provide abundant capabilities for accurate liquid flow measurement from outside of a pipe. It utilizes state-of-the-art technologies in ultrasonic transmission receiving, digital signal processing and transit-time measurement....
DMTFH handheld series Transit-time ultrasonic flow meters -
DMTFH handheld series Transit-time ultrasonic flow meters, handheld ultrasonic flow meter,Series DMTFH Handheld Transit Time Ultrasonic Flow Meter is carefully designed so that it is very compact and easy to use. A user can use hand to hold as well as to operate the flow meter main unit .The user-interface is self-explanatory and very easy to follow. Besides, the unique clamp-on...
Portable series Transit-time ultrasonic flow meters -
Portable series Transit-time ultrasonic flow meters, portable flow meter,Series DMTFP Portable Transit Time Ultrasonic Flow Meter is a state-of-the-art universal transit-time flow meter using MultiPulseTM technology and low-voltage broadband pulse transmission, feature the worlds advanced non-invasive flow measurement technology providing a measuring system with...
DMDF-OP-B Partially-filled pipe and open channel ultrasonic flow meter -
DMDF-OP-B Partially-filled pipe and open channel ultrasonic flow meter, open channel flow meter,Features Open Channel, River and Partially Filled Pipe applications Excellent low flow rate measurement ability, low to 0.021 m/s Superior measurement accuracy 4-20mA, RS485(Modbus)/GPRS and SD card logger outputs Very suitable for sewage measurement User-friendly configurations Complete...

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