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Tian Jin Nuowei Automobile Electrics Co.,Ltd

Tianjin Nuowei Automobile Electrics Co.Ltd is a professional ignition coil company, located in Zhong Bei industrial park, Xiqing Economy Development Area of Tianjin. The factory covers an area of 30107.12 square meters, the floor area is 19192.88 square meters, and the total investment is US 10 million dollars. Our company has international principle and modern standard. It possesses the ability to develop the advanced technics for the production of automobile electronics, automobile electrics appliances and automobile parts etc.
During establishing, our company introduced production, testing, development and research equipment of automobile heater, automobile micro-motor and solid ignition coil from the United States and European countries. The fixed assets come up to RMB 37.3 million. It has achieved an annual production capacity of 500 thousand sets of automobile heater, one million ignition coils and one million automobile micro-motors. Our company has 165 employees, including many excellent technicians and salesmen.
Our company mainly produces eight series and twenty categories products including automobile heater, solid ignition coil, cigar lighter and light switch etc. To main product of automobile heater, we have realized the series production, and have established an annual production capacity of 500 thousand sets of automobile heater. The series products have heating, frost-removing and ventilation functions, suited to various automobile air conditions. Among them, The NS44 series products are produced for Tianjin Xiali and ISUZU. The NS43 series products are produced for domestic miniature cars. The NS14 series products are produced for domestic light-duty passenger cars and trucks. We successively develop the necessary accessories for Tianjin Xiali, Huali, Hongta carmaker, Hafei carmaker and Honda motorcycle. Our company has realized the CIMS computer management by the practice passing the confirmation of IS09001, QS9000 and ISO/TS16949 and the enterprise management is more strict and standard. Our company has designed and developed the leading products in the trade for many domestic auto manufactures and has created favorable conditions for the products of our company to go into the international market.

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