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Changsha Youcheng Metal Materials Co., Ltd

Changsha Youcheng Metal Materials Co.,Ltd. Specialized in producing and marketing indium series products, rare metals & materials, and high purity metallic oxides, Changsha Youcheng Metal Materials Co., Ltd. has its own complete indium producing line with advanced technology and reliable quality. The company enjoys excellent reputation both at home and abroad.
   The company’s main products include 99.995% indium ingots, indium granule, indium wire, indium powder, indium foil, indium oxide, indium hydroxide, indium chloride, indium nitrate, Manganese sulfate Monohydrate (feed grade), Zinc sulfate Monohydrate, Zinc sulfate Heptahydrate. rare metal gallium, germanium, vanadium, tellurium, bismuth, selenium, etc; metal & ceramic target for plating and high purity oxides, ITO/IZO/AZO/ATO composite powder, etc.
   Based on its core business values:“to cooperate friendly; to honor commitment”, the company offers high quality products and provides best customer services to both domestic and overseas customers, foster a good and healthy company image and ensuring the company’s long-term continual growth.
Youcheng cordially welcome customers and friends globally to negotiate establish and strengthen good business partnerships for win-win benefit in the future
Products :
铟锭,铟粒,铟丝,铟粉,铟箔,铟,氧化铟氢氧化铟,氯化铟硝酸,一水硫酸锰(饲料级),一水硫酸锌,七水硫酸锌。稀有金属镓,锗,钒,碲,铋,硒等,金属和陶瓷的目标为电镀和高纯度氧化物,ITO / IZO / AZO / ATO复合粉末等。














Indium powder -
Indium powder, indium powder,indium ingot,indium wire,indium foil,indium oxide,Indium powder Purity: 99.995% min Density: 7.31g/ cm3 Size: 200-800mesh Boiling Point: 2000oC Melting Point: 157oC Packing: 1kg/ bottle, 10kg/ case
Indium foil -
Indium foil, Indium foil,indium powder,indium ingot,indium wire,indium oxide,Indium foil Purity: 99.995% min Density: 7.31g/ cm3 Size: 100/ 100/ 0.1mm 100/ 100/ 0.2mm or as required. Packing: 1pc/ plastic bag, 10-100pcs/ case
Indium Wire -
Indium Wire , Indium Wire ,indium foil,indium powder,indium ingot,inidum oxide,Indium Wire Purity: 99.995%min Diameter: 1.0mm;1.3mm;1.5mm, 2.0mm,3.0mm or as your requested size. Packing: 100g/250g/300g per coil, or as your requested.
Indium ingot -
Indium ingot, Indium ingot,indium wire,inidum powder,indium foil.indium oxide,Indium ingot Physical State: Solid Color: silver-white Purity: 99.995% min Density: 7.31g/ cm3 Boiling Point: 2080 Melting Point: 156.2 Packing: 0.5-1.0kg/ ingot, 25kgs/ case * Standard No.: GB6607-86 TOCT10297-75( 82) Cu Pb Zn Cd Fe Tl Sn As Al
Gallium -
Gallium, Gallium,gallium oxide,germanium ingot,indium ingot,Gallium Purity: 99.99% -99.9999% Color: sliver white metal Density: 5.904g/ cm3 Melting point: 29.78 Boiling point: 2403 Packing: 1kg/ plastic bottle, 12kgs/ case. High purity Gallium Purity: 6N, 7N, 8N Packing: sealed in vacuum nylon-PE package then PP bottle.

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