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Anhui Safe Electronics Co. , Ltd.

Our company is specilized in capacitors and capacitors film such as AC Motor Capacitors,CBB 65,CBB 61,CBB 60,Oil ,aluminium can capacitors ,Metallized Film, Polypropylene Film and so on.Since the foundation of our company, the high-end slitters, the large-scale high-velocity winding machines, metal-spraying machines, automatic line and automatic test line etc. have been imported successively from Japan, Italy, and Switzerland.
The production instrumentalities are state-of-the-art with internationally first-class products quality. The annual output of all types of AC Motor Capacitors is 30 million pieces taking the lead in this industry in China. There is a standard capacitor lab and calibration rooms for weights-and-measures gauges and test instruments have been set up in our company. We have got ISO9000 Quality System Certification and are endowed with considerable strong capability of technological development and quality control.
With one decade of experience accumulation and constant renovation, our AC Motor Capacitors make three key essential technological breakthroughs in the aspects of safety, endurance and temperature resistance. Our capacitor film have good quality and enjoy heigh reputation .The products have all kinds of quality approvals to enter international market such as CQC, UL, CUL, TUV and VDE. The capacitors are suitable for use in diversified kinds of domestic and overseas prestigious-branded air-conditioners, refrigerators, compressors, washers, illuminators and so on. Polypropylene Film are used to capacitors,packing and so on.
Anhui Safe Electronics Co. , Ltd.
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交流电动机电容器,CBB 65,CBB 61,CBB 60,石油,铝可以电容器,金属化薄膜,聚丙烯薄膜














Aluminium cans capacitor(CBB65) -
Aluminium cans capacitor(CBB65), Aluminium cans capacitor(CBB65), Aluminium cans capacitor(CBB65) takes heavy-edge metallized Al/Zn film as electrodes and dielectric. The elements are tight winded by high-velocity winders and canned in aluminum cases. Refined castor oil is adopted as impregnation agent treated in vacuum and high temperature condition. Those...
AC Motor capacitor (CBB61) -
AC Motor capacitor (CBB61) , AC Motor capacitor (CBB61) ,AC Motor capacitor (CBB61) takes heavy-edge metallized Al/Zn film as electrodes and dielectric. AC Motor capacitor (CBB61) is impregnated with flame-retardant epoxy resin and canned in cubic ABS or PBT plastic case with characteristics of small size, reliable performance and long endurance....
metallized BOPP capacitor (CBB60) -
metallized BOPP capacitor (CBB60), metallized BOPP capacitor (CBB60),CBB60Capacitor Features: metallized BOPP capacitor (CBB60) takes heavy-edge metallized Al/Zn PP film as electrodes and dielectric. metallized BOPP capacitor ‘s(CBB60) components are sealed with flame-retardant epoxy resin. It has cylindrical outline with high moisture resistance and...
Polypropylene film -
Polypropylene film, Polypropylene film,1.Capacitor Polypropylene film for type M-PP/S-PP M-PP:Mainly for metallized-film capacitor. S-PP:Mainly for foil-film capacitor. Thickness(μm):4,5,6,7,8,9,10,12 2.Capacitor Polypropylene Rough film type RPP/RRPP Mainly for power, electrothermal and other relevant kinds of high voltage...
Metallized film -
Metallized film , Metallized film ,Description: 1.Type Al/Zn Metallized film Al Metallized film Safety Anti-explosion Film 2.Application Applied to capacitors for power system, refrigerators and air conditioners Construction 3.Aluminum/Zinc film with reinforced edge 4. Metallized Film’s Specification item unit...

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