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Xiaoye Wire Mesh Container Factory

Xiaoye specializes in supplying affordable wire mesh containers, wire baskets and other wire products for export. Wire containers are available from galvanized welded wire mesh panels or sheets, while we extend our market by providing containers of woven wire mesh as well.

Xiaoye partners with our importers across the world and they bring our wire containers to the customers with good quality and best price.

We offer a wide range of wire mesh containers with sizes and specifications meeting the customers requirements. Main types of the containers include open containers, half open and collapsible wire containers.

As most wire containers are treated with zinc coating in the surface, we have our own wire galvanizing line to ensure the quality of zinc coating finishes. All wire products are made for the shorted time and reduced cost.

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General Introduction of Xiaoye Wire Containers:

Mainly two types: wire storage containers and wire security containers.

Wire Containers for Storage
We have chiefly three sizes of wire mesh containers for storage and stock uses according to the capacity it can load: Heavy, medium and junior containers.

The wire containers have a half drop side.

The wire containers fold down for easy storage.
The wire containers have a zinc coating treatment in the surface.

Wire Containers for Security

Wire containers are normally made of welded wire mesh with one flexible panels for security or for storage.

Security wire containers for storage have chiefly the following styles:

2-Sided Wire Containers for Security
Two-wall wire enclosure is designed to fit into corners, utilizing two existing walls and two wire panel walls to enclose the area. This container can be made with or without a top.

3-Sided Wire Containers:
Three-wall wire enclosure is designed to install against an existing wall, using three wire panel walls and one building wall to enclose an area.

4-Sided Wire Containers:
Four-wall wire enclosure is freestanding and can be utilized anywhere in a facility to provide a secure enclosure.


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wire container, wire container,Welded Wire Containers,wire storage containers,wire security containers,Wire Container Illustration with Technical Information and Photos: Most of our wire mesh containers are made similar with the following types. Type: 1200x920x1018mm Wire Containers Wire gauge applied for this containers: 12mm to 5mm This kind of wire containers has an outside...

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